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Designating Class Sections

If your school has AP teachers with multiple class sections or multiple teachers teaching the same AP subject, you and your teachers can get subject score rosters and AP Instructional Planning Reports at the class section or teacher level. Assigning students to separate class sections ensures that your teachers have a direct view into the performance of their individual classes, enabling them to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their curricula. This view of the data is extremely helpful to teachers. To enable this feature, your school must designate section numbers on students' answer sheets during the exam administration.

Why It's Important

This feature helps your school control who sees student scores when more than one teacher teaches an AP subject. If your school does not designate sections, all data will be grouped only by AP subject. In other words, if your school has two AP U.S. History teachers and does not designate sections, students in both classes will be combined into a single subject roster and a single AP Instructional Planning Report, which both AP U.S. History teachers can view online.

How It Works

Complete instructions for designating sections on student answer sheets are available in the AP Coordinator’s Manual.

After Coordinators designate section numbers on students' answer sheets during the exam administration, they need to make teachers aware of what numbers correspond to their class sections. When teachers sign into the Online Score Reports for Educators website for the first time the following summer, they will be prompted to select their section numbers for that school year. The teachers will then be linked in the system to their students. When those teachers view their AP Instructional Planning Reports and subject score rosters, they will see score data only for the sections they taught. For returning teachers who previously accessed scores online, the system will automatically store their old section designations for previous years' score reports, if applicable.

Editing or Correcting Section Numbers

If one of your teachers selects the wrong section number when accessing online score reports, please contact that teacher and request that they update their section number(s) immediately using the "Edit Section Preferences" link on their home page.

If you find that your school has incorrectly bubbled section numbers on students' answer sheets, administrators will be able to make section number correction requests for students online using the Administrator Tools section of the website. Details are available in the help text.