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Online Scores for Students: Frequently Asked Questions

Do students need a College Board account to access their scores?
Yes, they must have an online College Board account to access their AP scores. They will not receive a paper score report in the mail. See for more information. Students may already have an account if they’ve registered for the SAT or participated in other College Board programs. If so, they should check that they have the correct username and password by signing in to their account.

What should students without access to the Internet at home do to make sure they can get their scores?
If students do not have ready access to the Internet at home, we suggest that they work with their school to create their College Board account and update their AP profile. If that is not possible, students may be able to use the Internet at a public library.

What other information will students need when they sign in to view their scores in July?
Students may be asked to verify their AP Profile before viewing scores, so the AP Program can confirm their identity before displaying their scores. This additional step simply requires students to verify or enter basic information from their registration answer sheet, including their AP number or student identifier (student ID number).

Will students still get a copy of their AP score report in the mail?
No. Students’ AP scores will only be available online through their College Board account.

If students did not test this year, but did take AP Exams in prior years, will their scores be available online?
Yes. If they tested in the past four years, all of their AP scores will be available online.

What score information will be available online in July?
Students have access to a cumulative score report online, which includes scores from all AP Exams they’ve ever taken, unless they’ve canceled or withheld scores.

Will students be able to save a copy of their AP score report?
Yes, they will be able to download a PDF of their score report. This PDF is not considered an official copy of their score report and can’t be submitted for credit and placement purposes in college. Students will need to send their score report from the online score system if they did not already designate a college on their AP answer sheet on exam day.

Will AP Scholar Awards appear on the AP score report?
Yes. When AP Scholar Awards are added to students’ online score reports in late August or early September, students will be notified by email. 

Can students send scores online?
Yes. Students still get to send one score report for free to the college they designate on their first AP answer sheet. Students who need to send scores to one or more colleges after the exam administration can use the new online service if they’re paying by credit card. Alternatively, they can mail a written request to AP Services if they’re paying by check or money order. The fee is $15 per report for regular processing and $25 per report for rush processing.