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Studio Art Exams

The AP Studio Art Exam consists of two components:

  • Digital images and commentary uploaded by students and submitted to AP by the AP Coordinator, via the AP Studio Art Digital Submission Web application
  • Physical portfolios: the Quality section (five actual artworks) for Drawing and 2-D Design portfolios, assembled and mailed to the AP Program
    • Note: The 3-D Design portfolio has no physical component and is submitted entirely online.

The Digital Submission Web application becomes available in mid- to late January. AP Coordinators at schools with Studio Art programs and AP Studio Art teachers receive an email from the AP Program at that time indicating that the application is available.

How Coordinators and teachers first access the Web application will vary depending on whether they used the application in previous years. View this demo for more information about access procedures, and follow the appropriate instructions outlined there.

AP Coordinator’s Timeline

January and February 2016

  • The Digital Submission Web application becomes available in mid- to late January. AP Coordinators at schools with Studio Art programs and AP Studio Art teachers receive an email from AP indicating that the application is available.
  • Access the Web application as soon as possible after it becomes available. Follow the access instructions outlined in this demo.
  • As soon as possible after the Web application becomes available, provide access information to any Studio Art teachers who are new to digital submission and to any students who will be submitting their portfolios directly to you.
  • Talk to your teachers about final deadlines for portfolio submission. Confirm that teachers will forward all digital portfolios to you well in advance of May 6.

March and April 2016

  • Order a sufficient quantity of Studio Art portfolios when you place your AP Exam order online using the AP Exam Ordering site. Important: You must order one AP Studio Art Exam for each portfolio that your school's students plan to submit.
    • Note: Before you place your Studio Art exam order, the number of total portfolios that can be set up online by your school's students will be limited to the number of portfolios your school ordered last year, plus 10 percent to accommodate growth. If you have a significant increase this year in the number of Studio Art students interested in the exam, place your order as early as possible.
    • Studio Art exams are ordered separately from other exams on the AP Exam Ordering website, so you can place your Studio Art order early if needed. Orders for preadministration materials are not affected by Studio Art exam orders.
  • As soon as possible after your school's exam shipment arrives, provide AP Studio Art students with their AP Student Packs. Arrange for these students to complete the information on their Student Packs, confirm that they have their correct AP numbers, and then retrieve their Student Packs for safekeeping until needed.
  • Encourage teachers to establish a firm deadline for students to forward completed digital portfolios to them (ideally, as soon as possible after students receive their AP Student Pack information from you, or by sometime in late April), so that teachers have enough time to review the portfolios and forward them to you for final submission to the AP Program.

May 2016

  • Once teachers receive their students' finalized digital portfolios, they should review and forward them to you. Confirm that teachers have forwarded all digital portfolios to you well in advance of May 6.
  • By 8 p.m. EDT on May 6, forward your school's digital portfolios to the AP Program using the Web application. Only the AP Coordinator can take this final step, and only portfolios in "Sent to AP" status at the time of this deadline will be received by the AP Program and scored.
  • On or before May 6, you, your Studio Art teachers, or a designated proctor should gather 2-D Design and Drawing students for the assembly of the Quality sections of their portfolios. You must ship the physical portfolios to the AP Program before the close of the business day following the school's last regularly scheduled AP Exam.

Technical Requirements and Recommendations

Coordinators, students and teachers will need access to a computer with an Internet connection to sign in to the Digital Submission Web application. In addition, students or their teacher(s) will need access to a digital camera to capture images of their artworks.

Software Requirements
Web Browser (one of the following):

  • Internet Explorer v. 11
  • Firefox v. 41
  • Google Chrome v. 45
  • Safari v. 8 or below

Details about requirements and recommendations for students' digital images are available in the AP Coordinator's Manual.

For More Information

This page offers just a brief overview of the digital submission process. More information is available for Coordinators from these sources:

  • For a step-by-step guide to the digital submission process, access procedures, and using the Digital Submission Web application, view this demo.
  • A more comprehensive checklist of Coordinator tasks and instructions for submitting the physical portfolio component will be available in the 2015-16 AP Coordinator's Manual.
  • Full instructions on all features of the Digital Submission Web application are available in the application help text.