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Ordering Materials

How to place your AP Exam order

Visit AP Exam Ordering to order AP Exams online. To access the system, AP Coordinators will need to enter an access code, which is emailed to them in mid-January. To ensure timely delivery of your exams and to avoid any late fees make sure that you are aware of all exam ordering deadlines.

Tips for determining, modifying, and placing exam orders

  • Staying in the loop with teachers and students: Consult AP teachers and students to determine the number of exams that need to be ordered for each AP course.
  • Subjects with multiple exams: AP Calculus, Economics, English, Government and Politics, History, Physics, Spanish, and Studio Art each have more than one exam. Check with the appropriate AP teachers to be sure the correct exams are ordered.
  • Ordering additional exams: Coordinators can place a new order for additional exams at no fee as long as they meet the extension deadline.
  • Penalties for unused exams: An order cannot be decreased once it has been processed for shipment, which can be as soon as 6 p.m. Eastern Time the same day an order is placed. Schools are charged a $15 fee for each unused exam. This fee is not assessed for an exam that is replaced by an alternate exam for late testing, unless the alternate exam itself goes unused.
  • Extended time considerations: Consult with the SSD Coordinator to ensure that you are ordering sufficient master CDs for students needing extended time. Generally speaking, you will need one set of master CDs for each testing room where you will be administering exams.
  • Recording on tapes and CDs: Coordinators can order either blank tapes or blank CDs to record student responses to the world language and culture exams. For the AP Music Theory Exam, Coordinators can order blank tapes or elect to submit student responses digitally.

Ordering exams for students with disabilities

Coordinators can provide testing accommodations, such as extended time, Braille or large-type exams, and large-block answer sheets for students with disabilities only after the College Board has approved these students' Eligibility Forms. Schools manage accommodations requests for their students using SSD Online. To learn more about procedures and policies for administering exams to students with accommodations, refer to the AP Coordinator's Manual and the AP SSD Guidelines.

Ordering alternate exams for late testing

Visit AP Exam Ordering to order alternate AP Exams online. Visit Late Testing for the complete late-testing schedule and for more information about late-testing policies.