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This information has moved! Go to the AP Coordinator section of AP Central to get all the information you need to know about AP Exams and scores, how to coordinate and administer AP Exams, and how to prepare your students. Use the following links to learn more about these specific topics:

  • About the Exams
    Learn about exam dates, fees, fee reductions, and important changes in the AP program.
  • Helping Students Prepare
    Find out what resources are available for your students to prepare for exam day, and learn how to help home-schooled students participate in AP.
  • Coordinating the Exam
    Get an overview of the AP year, exam ordering deadlines, exam security, and resources designed to help AP Coordinators administer exams.
  • On Exam Day
    Find out what students should and shouldn’t bring to exams, what proctors need to know, and other information that will make exam day run smoothly.
  • Score Reports and Data
    Learn about the variety of score reports that become available to schools and districts in July, how your school receives AP scores, and other data available about AP Exams.
  • Annual Calendar and Deadlines
    Get an overview of the AP year, including exam ordering deadlines and other important dates to help you plan your AP Exam administration.
  • AP Coordinator Resource Library
    See the list of downloads and resources to help AP Coordinators organize a successful AP Exam administration.