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AP Physics 2

For new and experienced AP teachers

Learning outcomes

After attending this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Apply concrete strategies for designing and implementing an effective AP Physics 2 curriculum in topics such as thermodynamics, static and dynamic fluids, electromagnetism and optics.
  • Develop activities, assessments and laboratory strategies that engage students in acting and thinking like scientists.
  • Implement strategies to effectively prepare students for the AP exam
  • Develop or revise a syllabus to align with course requirements

Workshop materials

Each participant will receive a copy of the Workshop Handbook and Resources, which contains:

  • AP Physics 1 and Physics 2 Course and Exam Description
  • AP Course Audit information
  • Sample syllabi for AP Physics 2 and a Syllabus Development Guide
  • AP Physics 2 Practice Exam

Curriculum Module: The Capacitor as a Bridge from Electrostatics to Circuits

This curriculum module presents AP Physics teachers with pedagogy and suggested inquiry activities for introducing students to capacitors and their behavior in circuits. This module consists of four inquiry-based lessons, each of which has several activities. The first lesson is an introduction to electrostatics. The second lesson is about the design and function of parallel-plate capacitors. The third lesson gives students a chance to develop ideas about series and parallel capacitors in circuits. And the fourth lesson looks at the charging and discharging process for capacitors in a circuit with resistance. Together, these four lessons help develop students’ understanding of how energy is stored in circuits and how capacitors behavior in circuits.

  • Lesson 1: Electrostatics
  • Lesson 2: Capacitance
  • Lesson 3: Capacitor Combinations
  • Lesson 4: Capacitors in Circuits
  • Summative Assessment

Note: Curriculum module materials reflect important topics in AP courses, and the materials are meant to provide teachers with resources and classroom ideas. However, curriculum module materials should not be taken as an indication that a particular topic will appear on the AP Exam.