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Pre-AP®: Setting the Cornerstones for AP Vertical Teams

Build or strengthen a vertical team

If you want to build a new vertical team or strengthen an existing team in your school, this workshop is for you.

This new two-day workshop offers a step-by-step action plan for administrators and teachers who are planning to build an AP Vertical Team in their schools. Participants receive a toolkit of concrete applications, including strategies and hands-on activities, that can be used to build vertical teams and to begin developing their district's action plan. Guided discussions facilitate identifying and solving potential roadblocks.

Workshop content is based on four all new cornerstones:

  1. Standards alignment
  2. Research-based strategies
  3. Instructional design
  4. Professional learning communities

You'll leave the workshop with these powerful tools in hand:

  • A step-by-step action plan, with built-in accountability, to form your own vertical team.
  • A deeper understanding of the four cornerstones through modeling and hands-on activities.
  • A toolkit of concrete methods, research-based strategies, and proven techniques.

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