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Learn how to launch and support an AP program

This is an in-depth survey of ways to start and support an AP program. It begins with a review of the benefits of the AP Program for schools, and goes on to explore ways in which administrators can support their AP teachers and students.


  • Understand the benefits of the AP Program for all stakeholders
  • Learn to use data to promote equitable growth
  • Use tools to assess strengths and weaknesses of AP programs
  • Gain appreciation of:
    • Effective school policies to expand AP programs and increase performance
    • The importance of professional development for AP teachers and the need for an articulated curriculum in the years leading to AP
    • The role and responsibilities of the AP Coordinator
    • The value of the AP Course Audit


  • The Imperative 
  • What Is AP?
  • Making the Case for AP in Your School or District
  • Building an AP Program
    • Motivating Students
    • Preparing Teachers
    • Dedicating Administrative Resources
  • Leading an AP Program
    • Communicating Vision and Goals
    • Understanding and Using AP Data and Reports