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Organizing Your AP Exam Administration

Free, full-day training for new and experienced AP Coordinators

These free, full-day workshops are designed to help new and less experienced Coordinators learn how to effectively and successfully manage their schools' AP programs.

This workshop provides participants the chance to exchange best practices and learn new ways to handle an AP Coordinator's responsibilities. Participants are encouraged to bring and share templates or other materials they use to help organize their programs.


Participants will learn how to:

  • Order AP Exams
  • Conduct preadministration sessions
  • Train proctors
  • Arrange off-site testing
  • Administer exams to students with disabilities
  • Participate in the AP Course Audit
  • Administer exams that require audio or visual equipment
  • Maintain exam security
  • Arrange late testing
  • Handle testing incidents and disruptions
  • Return AP Exams and generate an invoice


  • Introductions and Icebreakers
  • Discussion of the 2014 AP Exam Administration
  • The Basics
  • What’s New?
  • Getting Started
  • AP Course Audit
  • Ordering Exams
  • Preparing for the Exams
  • On Exam day
  • Exams Requiring Special Preparation
  • After the Exams
  • Scores
  • AP Potential™ (Optional)

Workshops are offered throughout the academic year. Use the Institutes and Workshops search on AP Central® to locate a workshop in your region.