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With in-person events canceled in 2020, College Boardhosted webinars help counselors navigate these uncertain times in university admissions counseling. View select recordings at the links below.

On-Demand Recordings of Past Webinars

Another Quarantine Story? How Essays and Letters of Recommendation Can Still Illuminate International Student Applications (12/2/20) Watch the Replay

Gather tips and guidance from admissions leaders to advise students on application essays during the pandemic, and to write impactful letters of recommendation during this time.

Global Context: Elevating the Role of International School Profiles and Transcripts During the Pandemic (10/21/20) Watch the Replay

Seasoned counseling and admissions leaders examine the role of international school profiles and transcripts in providing key context during covid.

Right Match: Comparing Approaches for Reviewing International Student Applications in 2020-21 (10/07/20)

October 7, 2020 a.m. session  Watch the Replay

October 7, 2020 p.m. session  Watch the Replay

Hear directly from U.S. admissions leaders about their review and decision-making process for the 2020-21 admissions cycle, including a unique digital mock admission exercise.

U.S. Higher Education Updates for International Counselors (08/18/20) Watch the Replay

This webinar offers updates about the U.S. higher education landscape and 2020-21 admissions cycle from higher education leaders about what will change and what will stay the same for the 2020-21 U.S. admissions cycle. The session provides insights for advising international students effectively in uncertain times and reviewing the approaches to guide international students to find the right match in higher ed.

Guiding International Students During Uncertain Times (06/30/20) Watch the Replay

This early summer webinar offers counselors updates and practical guidance, and features veteran international counselors and higher education leaders.