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College Board Search makes your job easier and more efficient, through every stage of the recruitment process, and gives you confidence that you are accessing the largest, most effective source of college-bound student data.


Student Search Service®, Enrollment Planning Service™, and Segment Analysis Service™ make up College Board Search. An integrated student search solution, College Board Search is the best way to find students who are a good fit for your school. 

Recruitment Made Easy with Student Search Service®

To meet your recruitment goals, you need an easy way to find college-bound students who are a good fit for your institution. Find out how quickly you can start getting the information you need.

Make Smart Recruitment Plans with Enrollment Planning Service™

Our simple, easy-to-use tool lets you access overview and competitive analysis reports with a few clicks, create efficient travel plans, research high schools, and create highly relevant marketing messages.

Learn More About Your Students with Segment Analysis Service

Segment Analysis Service™ is a data-tagging service that helps admission professionals identify promising prospective students with information based on where they live and where they go to high school.

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