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Get the real picture

Admitted Student Questionnaire PLUS (ASQ PLUS) and ASQ PLUS Express are customized surveys completed by your admitted students.

Find out what students really think about your:

  • Academic programs
  • Recruitment literature
  • Financial aid packages
  • Facilities
  • Cost of attendance

Students will also comment on more elusive qualities such as academic image and reputation. You can even find out how your school stacks up next to your nearest competitors. ASQ PLUS and ASQ PLUS Express compare your school to five other institutions you choose to analyze. All of this information is supplied to you through ASQ® accurate, detailed market research and data analysis.

High-quality research at the lowest cost

There’s no need for you to spend months designing, processing, and analyzing incoming student questionnaires. The College Board, your trusted partner in providing high-quality admission tools and data, does the best research for the lowest cost. ASQ PLUS and ASQ PLUS Express are easily accessible on the web.

ASQ PLUS Express, a somewhat condensed version of the ASQ PLUS, is especially suited for mobile devices.

Design your own study

Customize your surveys with targeted questions and your school logo. Choose ASQ PLUS or ASQ PLUS Express to specify which five competitors, or groups of competitors, you would like to examine. The College Board will guide you through the process with a detailed user manual and sample questionnaires.

How does it work?

Getting your ASQ PLUS/ASQ PLUS Express results is easy.

  • Set up your website.
  • Launch your survey.
  • Notify us that you're ready to close your web study.

Within six weeks you will have your completed reports. You can also obtain a computer file with all the data collected.

Decoding the results

ASQ PLUS and ASQ PLUS Express reports are broken down into the following categories:

  1. Highlights Report—Tells you the factors that influence student enrollment decisions the most, including:
    1. How students compare you with the other colleges they considered
    2. Student perceptions of your financial aid package
    3. How students compare your costs with those of your competitors
  2. Detailed Report—Contains tables summarizing responses to the questions on your survey
  3. Competitor Analysis—Compares your school with the five* colleges or groups of colleges you chose. Shows how you rank with your competitors according to:
    1. Key characteristics
    2. Images
    3. Recruiting information sources
    4. Financial aid packages
  4. ASQ PLUS Norms Report—Summary of responses to PLUS across all participating institutions for previous 4 years, overall and broken down by institutional type

* Five competitors are standard, others can be included as data permits for an additional fee.

Integrates with other College Board information tools

The College Board offers you additional opportunities to expand and strengthen your recruitment and admission efforts. Use ASQ PLUS/ASQ PLUS Express with:

  • Enrollment Planning Service™ to reach students in your targeted areas and expand your enrollment database
  • CSS PROFILE to help you make informed decisions about financial aid and meet your awarding and enrollment objectives

Start now!

By simply filling out the order form, you can begin to see your institution through the eyes of your students. Requires Adobe Reader (latest version recommended). Constructive use of student input will help you create a successful college experience for your students.