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Give students the best chance for success with our time-tested placement tools

Nothing saps a student's motivation like taking a class completely unsuited to his or her skill level. And this sort of mismatch can jeopardize your track record on retention and completion. Avoiding this pitfall is easy with some of the most accurate, reputable placement tools in existence.

With these programs and services, you can give your incoming students and your faculty the optimum classroom experience by placing your students where they'll thrive academically.

ACCUPLACER: Used by community colleges, four-year colleges, technical schools, and high schools around the world, ACCUPLACER provides placement tests in English, math, and ESL.

CLEP: CLEP helps students of all ages earn credit for their college-level knowledge. Capable students can move ahead faster, making it more likely that they will persist and complete a degree.

AP: The Advanced Placement Program is a cooperative educational endeavor between secondary schools and colleges and universities. Students who participate in the Program not only gain college-level skills, but in many cases they also earn college credit while they are still in high school.

SAT On-Campus: Colleges can conveniently administer the SAT and/or the SAT Subject Tests™ to incoming and continuing students to determine which students are ready for entry-level college courses, which need remediation in basic skills, and which may be exempted from a particular course.