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The College Board has launched a series of online professional development modules for higher education professionals. These online tools will provide them with information about College Board programs and services as well as information about the enrollment profession.

SAT Foundations

In a first-year pilot phase, SAT Foundations gives admission professionals and application readers foundational information on the SAT and the SAT Suite of Assessments. Since the redesign of the SAT, enrollment and admission leaders have requested more training and basic information about the assessments suitable for new professionals. 

In response, we’ve developed an on-demand, multimedia training tool that gives approximately 75 minutes of focused training. Each of the four modules is focused on what we heard from enrollment leaders as the most important information:

  • The basic concepts of the SAT including the definition of an achievement test and the history of the assessment.
  • Important information about the SAT to know when reading applications, including what the SAT measures, how we ensure questions and tests are fair, score structures, validity, concordance, and the differences between the SAT and ACT®.
  • Frequently asked questions that come up when speaking with students and parents—including how to access practice tools, how the College Board supports low-income students with unlimited fee waivers and score sends, how the SAT is used in high school, and, how the SAT and PSAT work together.

Each module is a self-directed session containing a mix of video and written material and ends with a brief quiz to assess mastery of the information.  A successful completion also generates an email to the participant that can then be forwarded to managers.

Access SAT Foundations today.