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Better data for better financial aid decisions

Institutional resources are precious and need to be sensitively targeted to the right students. How can you identify the students who really need your financial aid resources in order to enroll?

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PROFILE provides you with accurate, timely, and complete financial information about your applicants on a schedule that works for your institution. By using PROFILE you can:

  • Identify students who need your institutional funds to enroll
  • Utilize the College Board's Institutional Methodology (IM) to award your private funds
  • Receive comprehensive information about financial aid applicants according to your institutional calendar so you can make effective aid decisions on a tight schedule
  • Estimate eligibility for federal and state funding so that you can understand the student's complete need for assistance
  • Communicate early with applicants about potential eligibility for aid

The College Board's College Scholarship Service (CSS) has pioneered need-based financial aid solutions for over 60 years. PROFILE is designed by and for aid administrators to help manage the financial aid process efficiently and cost effectively. To determine eligibility for financial aid, PROFILE uses Institutional Methodology. And students benefit from the PROFILE's unique customization. Each application is tailored to the student, offering a streamlined, easy-to-use application.

PROFILE benefits

  • Online application access virtually 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so students can meet your institutional deadlines
  • Flexible options that allow you to adjust the formula for need-based aid
  • An optional Noncustodial PROFILE application that provides information about the divorced or separated parent
  • Information about special circumstances helps you evaluate the need for additional funds before an appeal
  • Early information about students from low-income backgrounds
  • An automated fee waiver process that allows qualified students to submit their application without payment

Nearly 400 colleges, universities, professional schools, and scholarship programs use PROFILE to award their aid funds equitably to the right students at the right time.