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Adapted for international students

U.S. education is growing ever more relevant for international students. How will you collect financial data from foreign students and equitably measure need to effectively award institutional aid?

PROFILE can collect income and asset information from international students and provide you with accurate and complete financial information on a schedule that works for your institution. By requiring your international students to complete the PROFILE application, you can:

  • Gain a comprehensive and reliable picture of each family's financial strength
  • Communicate early with applicants about potential eligibility for aid
  • Make better international awarding decisions with less strain on your staff and other resources
  • Ensure vertical and horizontal equity for students within the same country and between countries
  • Target your international aid

The College Board's College Scholarship Service (CSS) has pioneered need-based financial aid solutions for over 60 years. PROFILE is designed by and for aid administrators to help manage the financial aid process efficiently and cost effectively. PROFILE was adapted for international students after a group of institutions formed the Global Consensus Approach and developed a coefficient for Institutional Methodology (IM) to reflect the global economy. After it produced consistent results, the College Board implemented the coefficient into IM, which is the basis for PROFILE.

For international students, the application process is quick and simple. Here's how it works:

  • Students register for the PROFILE service online on our website and indicate the colleges to which they will apply. Students can also visit EducationUSA Advising Centers, which are located around the world, to learn more about scholarship aid and register online.
  • Based on registration information and college choices, each student receives a personalized PROFILE application online.
  • Once submitted, the application is processed by the College Board and an electronic data file containing the student application data is sent to each college.
  • An international version of IM is supported by the College Board's Institutional Need Analysis System (INAS®).

Nearly 400 colleges, universities, professional schools, and scholarship programs use PROFILE to award their aid funds equitably to the right students at the right time. To learn more about PROFILE and how to register for the service call (800) 927-4302 or email [email protected].