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Fast, accurate calculations for financial aid professionals

INAS, the Institutional Need Analysis System, is a high-speed processing system software that permits financial aid professionals to calculate and recalculate expected family contributions. INAS accepts data electronically, so there's no need to enter data manually. Best of all, INAS performs Federal Methodology (FM) and Institutional Methodology (IM) computations quickly and easily, allowing you to focus on disbursing aid to students in need.

INAS software lets you either use standard College Scholarship Service® (CSS®) processing methods or perform an analysis of need using your own institutional policies. This flexibility is important because some institutions prefer to use different standards to determine how their private funds are awarded.

New features expand INAS capacity

INAS now can perform even more FM and IM calculations thanks to these new improvements:

  • Seamlessly integrates FAFSA data to perform FM calculations
  • Generates IM calculations and estimates federal EFC using the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE record
  • Adjusts FM/ISIR calculations according to statute and regulation (e.g., professional judgment, special allowances)
  • Offers an expanded range of options for adjusting IM calculations that gives the user control over virtually every aspect of the calculation, including the ability to access PROFILE local data questions
  • Compares and reconciles original and verified PROFILE data to FAFSA data
  • Replicates most PROFILE central edit messages and selects edits based on local PROFILE questions

Expand your system

With INAS you get all the benefits of a major upgrade without making any changes to your current system. INAS works in conjunction with your host program which continues to maintain all file input/output (I/O) activity. INAS performs calculations when fed the following data:

  • Student records containing ISIR data
  • Student records in the CSS/PROFILE format
  • Your institutional parameter records

INAS performs calculations using either ISIR data, PROFILE data, or both. Computation results are returned in the Institutional Analysis Record (INAR) for placement in the appropriate areas of the student's record(s).