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All the data without the hard-copy hassle

Financial aid offices need accurate application data to make timely and equitable aid awards. But the paper documents you need can cause backlogs, processing delays, and tap your precious staff resources.

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With IDOC you get the applicant data you need when you need it without being inundated with paper. And your staff will have the time to provide the outstanding customer service your students deserve.

The College Board's Institutional Documentation Service (IDOC) collects documents from applicants on your behalf. Our unique service provides the images of the documents on our secure website and transmits the key-entered data from the tax returns directly to you for fast and effective data validation.

IDOC is customized to your needs and is easy to use:

  • You select the students you want to participate in IDOC by submitting an electronic file or linking your service to CSS Profile.
  • You tell us which forms you want your applicants to submit and the date you need them.
  • We contact students on your behalf and they send documents directly to us.
  • You view document images on the Web and download the keyed tax form and W-2 data to your campus system using the electronic file we provide you.

IDOC benefits

IDOC saves time and money and improves service to students:

  • IDOC provides quick turnaround time. Images and data are available to you within 72 hours of receipt at our processing center.
  • IDOC data is accurate. Our accuracy rate for key-entered data exceeds 99 percent, which results in effective file verification for you.
  • Students submit their files only once and the images and data are available to all participating IDOC schools, simplifying the aid application process for the family.
  • Processing backlogs, unopened mail, and lost files are a thing of the past. The information you need to award aid is always at your fingertips on our secure website.
  • The aid awards you make with IDOC data are accurate because of the timely receipt of tax documents.
  • IDOC is fully integrated with PowerFAIDS and CSS Profile, providing a seamless system for awarding, communicating, and managing applicant data.

With IDOC you control the paper and the process from start to finish instead of it controlling you. Over 85 institutions currently use IDOC to streamline their file review and validation processes.