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Powerful solutions for financial aid professionals

Financial aid can make or break your ability to recruit, enroll, and retain your institution's best prospects. You need to allocate available aid efficiently and fairly, and for this you need up-to-the-minute data and smooth communications.

The College Board brings over 100 years of experience serving higher education professionals to our suite of financial aid solutions.

PowerFAIDS: This powerful software automates your entire aid process and eliminates hours of tedious paperwork. It manages student eligibility, verification, Pell Grant management, award packaging, loan origination, and reporting and research.

CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE: Developed by the College Board to help you manage the financial aid process more easily, efficiently, and cost-effectively, CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE gives you the complete financial information at the right time. Result? Better awarding decisions with less strain on your staff and resources.

Institutional Documentation Service (IDOC): IDOC lets you access your applicants' financial data on the Web. With instant access to applicant records, your staff can respond faster to students and parents.

INAS: Get fast, accurate, and consistent need-analysis recalculations with this versatile, comprehensive mainframe system. Fully electronic, INAS provides Federal Methodology (FM) and Institutional Methodology (IM) computations, performs fast and accurate calculations, produces a complete audit trail, and more!

Institutional Methodology (IM): The College Board's need-analysis system developed by financial aid practitioners and economists, IM provides a comprehensive evaluation of a family's ability to pay for the costs of higher education.