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About Participating Students

Participation among the 2021 cohort is already strong due to the reach of the PSAT/NMSQT given last year.

  • Senior participation (2.5M) is comparable to past years.
  • Junior participation (2M) is close (93%) to past years and continues to grow every week as we see students who had previously taken PSAT/NMSQT update their opt in preferences so their information becomes available in Search.

Support For Institutions

Given spring disruptions to assessment and student outreach, we have highlighted opted-in students affected by these disruptions in the form of free files. These three data files can be accessed immediately by Search Users by logging into in and navigating to “My Searches, Orders, & Files”. The data files contain:

  1. Juniors and seniors not in the Search database but registered for the canceled March or May SAT who opted in to Search.
  2. Seniors who have opted in but have not received outreach from four-year institutions.
  3. Students who indicated they wanted to send their score to an institution as part of a cancelled SAT registration. This file is unique to an individual institution.

More information will be coming soon – We are examining innovative approaches to link students to college, including scholarships and new outreach opportunities.

Continued Connection Opportunities

The College Board remains committed to giving students the chance to connect with college and scholarship opportunities. Students who opted in to participate in Student Search while registering for the SAT will remain opted in.

  • If they have taken a prior College Board assessment, they are likely already receiving information from colleges, universities, scholarship providers and other nonprofit education programs.
  • If they have not previously taken a College Board assessment, the College Board will honor their request to participate in the Student Search Service and is working closely with colleges, universities and scholarship organizations to ensure that students receive critical information by mail or email, especially at a time when in-person visits may not be possible.

Students who did not opt in when registering for the SAT may do so by going to, signing into their College Board account (top right corner), and clicking “Student Search Service” under “College Planning”.

If a student opted out, the College Board updated the student’s record as part of the registration process. Colleges who have already started conversations with the student may continue to do so, unless the student unsubscribes from that college’s communications directly.