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As we monitor and respond to the impacts of coronavirus (covid-19), we regularly update this page with key information and resources for colleges and universities. Please check back often, keeping in mind that information is changing rapidly. And above all, stay safe.

Important Updates and Announcements

  • Registration for fall SAT administrations is open. More information including details and FAQs is now available. MORE
  • The College Board will pause on offering an at-home SAT this year because taking it would require three hours of uninterrupted, video-quality internet for each student, which can't be guaranteed for all. MORE
  • Through the two-week testing period, AP students completed 4.2 million exams.MORE
  • We have a very strong pool of juniors for 2021 recruitment in Search and we shared three free files of SAT registrants who opted in to Search and are available for outreach and recruiting. MORE

What You Need to Know About AP

  • This year all AP Exams were delivered digitally and 4.6 million AP exams were started over ten days of testing, across 32 subjects. The AP Exam was developed in close consultation with higher ed faculty, and students with a passing score on an AP Exam will have the skills necessary to succeed in subsequent coursework in the discipline.
  • As usual, our network of college faculty and AP readers will score the AP exams and scores will be reported on a 1–5 scale.
  • In this tumultuous year, we recommend institutions honor the same AP credit and placement policies they already have in place and publish this commitment on their COVID-related website.
  • We offered optional free, live AP review courses, delivered by AP teachers from across the country. These mobile-friendly classes were designed to be used alongside work schools assigned. The courses have been viewed more than 7.4 million times since they launched.

What You Need to Know About SAT

  • Fall SAT Registration opened for priority groups on 5/28 and for all groups on 6/3—All students may now register for SAT administrations through June 2021.
  • We are continuing to work to expand capacity—In many states and districts, there are ample seats available for students who haven't yet registered. However, there's higher demand for the August administration, and importantly, in certain areas, August and September already are full or nearing capacity. We will continue to work with local high schools, colleges, and other community sites to increase seating capacity in areas where August and September registration is filling up.
  • We are sharing frequent updates on test capacity and availability here.
  • We Need Your Help: We're calling on our partners in higher education to become test centers. Learn more and sign up today.
  • The College Board will pause on offering an at-home SAT this year because taking it would require three hours of uninterrupted, video-quality internet for each student, which can't be guaranteed for all.

What You Need to Know About College Board Search

  • We already have a very strong Search pool for 2021 recruitment due to the reach of the PSAT/NMSQT given last year.
  • The senior pool (2.5M) is comparable to past years. The junior pool (2M) is close (93%) to past years and continues to grow every week as we see students who had previously taken PSAT/NMSQT update their preferences so their information becomes available in Search.
  • We have made available 3 free files of students who opted in to Search. They contain names of SAT registrants who have opted into Search and are available for you to contact today. All files can be accessed in “My Searches, Orders, & Files” within College Board Search.
  • More information will be coming – We are examining innovative approaches to link students to college, including scholarships and new outreach opportunities.

What You Need to Know About Financial Aid

  • Our financial aid services are operational and ready to serve institutions and students.
  • Covid-19 resources for aid professionals, including professional judgment tip sheets and PowerFAIDS covid-19 operational supports, are available online.
  • We have developed suites of resources for CSS Profile and PowerFAIDS users.
  • We will continue to engage financial aid professionals to gather input on how we can be most helpful during this challenging time.
  • We are monitoring legislation and guidance from the Department of Education closely to ensure all systems, including PowerFAIDS, respond and deliver related updates in a timely fashion.

Check back soon for information about additional webinars on data-driven best practices and strategic planning related to higher education.

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