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The College Board’s Access & Diversity Collaborative (ADC) exists to provide robust information and tools to higher education institutions as they develop and implement policies and practices in support of educational access and diversity.

We’re a cross-disciplinary group of education professionals and organizations dedicated to upholding the principles of equitable access to higher education for all students and promoting diversity on campus.

As we work to serve higher education institutions and organizations and, ultimately, students, we will continue to be:

  • A voice of national advocacy for comprehensive, evidence-based, and legally sound access and diversity policies. 
  • A resource for sophisticated and pragmatic policy and practice guidance and actionable research to support institutional, mission-based goals, with a focus on the promotion and expansion of educational pathways and opportunities for historically underrepresented populations.
  • A group where thought leaders can work collaboratively on policy and practice development, with a focus on:
    • Supporting the effective use of data and research connected to real-world policy and practice issues.
    • Identifying and developing replicable best practices that reflect sound policy and are legally sustainable.
    • Finding common ground to develop a principled and pragmatic policy and practice agenda.

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ADC New Publications

Engaging Campus Stakeholders on Enrollment Issues Associated with Student Diversity
This guide supports campus leaders as they engage with colleagues and their communities on issues associated with student diversity and admissions.

The Playbook: Understanding the Role of Race Neutral Strategies in Advancing Higher Education Diversity, 2nd Edition
This practical guide provides an overview of race-and ethnicity-neutral strategies and “plays” that can advance institutional diversity interests.

ADC Webinars

Webinar: Law, Policy, & Practice: What Everyone Needs to Know about Race & Admissions. This webinar provides training and development for mid-career admission officers on the background on the benefits of diversity, legal principles, and court decisions to help recruit a diverse class. Password to access webinar: access2020!
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Webinar: Major Federal Developments Affecting Higher Education Diversity and Admission: Harvard, UNC, and UT Updates. This webinar will provide the latest news and insights from the current wave of federal litigation and administrative agency enforcement activity.
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